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Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs, families and private individual’s preserver their wealth for generations. We look after over EUR 120bn of client total assets. 

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on staying innovative and applying technology to be serve our clients. We are proactive in leveraging our technology resources to create industry leading service to our clients. The world is evolving rapidly and so are the new generations of wealth. We combine the old with the new and our clients benefit from this philosophy. Our ability and desire to constantly bring stability, efficiency, exclusivity in a discreet manner is what makes us different.


LionCap Global Bank is an independent firm, wholly owned by its Managing Partners. As a privately owned bank, we’re free from market pressures and external public shareholders looking for ever-improving quarterly results. Instead, we can focus on serving our clients for the long term.


We believe there is a global shift transforming our economies and the companies that drive them. This change is directly correlated to the way the world invests. The largest investment opportunity in history is in in this global change.

Social Consciousness

Increasingly formidable and informed by the burgeoning granularity and availability of data, growing social consciousness is expressed through consumer preferences, voting patterns, social media and traditional media.

Transformation Adaptation

Today, forces including social consciousness, the political agenda, increasing investor focus, sustainability enablers and the cost of climate change are rapidly converging to further accelerate sustainability and drive companies to adapt.

Increasing focus from investors

As their understanding of the role environmental, social and governance principles can play in driving value grows, investors are directing more capital towards sustainable companies.

The growing and ever more apparent cost of climate change

Consequences including more frequent and severe weather events and shortages of natural resources such as water are already forcing companies to adapt.

private clients.

We seek to be the private bankers of reference for entrepreneurs and their families – not just today, but over the long term, generation after generation. Our ability to re-evaluate a changing world enables us to build stability, while our financial strength allows us to keep investing in the business and improve our client services.

asset classes.

0ur investment capabilities include fixed income, convertible bonds, equities, multi-asset, and alternatives. In each area we have carefully developed investment approaches that we believe are best suited to meet investors’ objectives in the modern investment landscape. Our investment professionals are specialist and are separated into independent investment boutiques — allowing them the freedom to focus on delivering risk-adjusted returns in their specialist area, while benefiting from the resources of our global investment platform.

our banking platform.

In designing quality products that we wanted to use, we discovered that other financial institutions wanted to benefit from what we had created. Today, companies around the world are using our solutions to simplify their processes and focus on their core business.
So whether you’re a private bank, an institutional investor or a Family Office, you can take advantage of IT and banking services two centuries in the making, yet tailored to your needs.

How we apply sustainability into our business model

Since the beginning of history empires, governments and enterprises have had to adapt to change. At LionCap Global Bank the core of our existence is to embrace the constant transformation in the world for now and generations to come.

We recognize the need to protect, preserver capital, rethink our approach to investment and embed sustainability at the core of our investment philosophy.

As wealth and asset managers, we believe that it is vital to invest in companies that are well positioned to benefit from transformation and sustainability. History shows us that these companies will be more likely to generate substantial excess returns in the future. At the same time, we avoid investing in businesses that can’t or won’t proactively adapt. We believe that companies with a combination of sustainable financial models, sustainable business practices and sustainable business models will drive excess returns.

LionCap Bank & Partners

Marlon Muller

Chairman of the Board

Lemuel Muller

Board Member

Justin Underwood

Managing Member

Enzo Caputo

Managing Partner

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and grow client assets at the same time building a long-term, trust-based relationship. Whether our clients’ investments are already of significance or are just starting to grow, every client receives specialized and personal care your wealth requires.

We specialize in bespoke wealth management to meet your individual needs. Whether you are looking for tailored portfolio management, wealth planning, credit facilities, socially responsible and impact investing, philanthropy services or multi-booking in numerous financial centres worldwide, we can help.

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